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The purpose behind the establishment of a network of law firms covering the whole of Switzerland is to strengthen and make the best use of primary national synergies. Due to the broad and varied range of specialist skills of over 40 attorneys-at-law as well as their experience and expertise coupled with flexibility, LegalDesk.ch constitutes an attractive alternative to Switzerland’s major law firms. Association both preserves local identity and at the same time strengthens the international collaboration platform LAWorld and fosters the ongoing expansion of business fields that the partners have in common or which complement each other. Skilled as representatives of their clients’ interests, members of LegalDesk.ch* are highly reliable and efficient partners and accompany potential (inter)national clients step by step through their national legal problems.


«At your side in Switzerland and around the world.»
The successful relationship that we have with our clients is based on our ability to translate our understanding of their concerns, values and goals into a skilled and reliable service covering all legal matters in which we act as both partners and representatives. Our expertise, affinity, trust and reliability make us indispensable contacts, partners and specialists in issues covered by Swiss law. Nationally and internationally.


All LegalDesk.ch members set high standards. Standards that apply both to their own legal expertise and to the satisfaction of their clients. It is our aim to have in place a skilled knowledge network backed up by a reliable legal service in which we act in direct partnership with our clients. Client satisfaction is always of primary importance. In all its projects, LegalDesk.ch takes pride in rendering services defined by relevance, availability and open communication. Topic-specific collaboration, knowledge exchanges, expertise and affinity with customers are the lifeblood of LegalDesk.ch’s practices. The underlying purpose is always to offer clients broad access to relevant legal areas, allowing them to benefit from the depth of expert knowledge of our partners and making LegalDesk.ch indispensable contacts and specialists in issues covered by Swiss law. Continuous contact between partners in the LegalDesk.ch network ensures the careful, rapid and committed processing of mandates from all parts of the country.

International LAWORLD

LAWorld is a worldwide network of over 40 medium-sized, independent law firms with an international focus covering most of the world’s significant commercial centres. Its purpose is to assist the clients of its members to obtain high-quality legal advice and representation as rapidly and efficiently as possible.

International Silfa

One of our law firms also belongs to the network SILFA which currently connects 18 further small and medium-sized law firms located in Belgrade, Berlin, Budapest, Brussels, Dubai, Frankfurt, Königs-Wusterhausen, London, Lugano, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Palma de Mallorca, Prague, Warsaw, Vienna, Vilnius and Wiesbaden.

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